Anne is a pianist and composer who is basically one of the greatest artists of her generations.

She combines crystalline, beautiful tonal clarity with huge sonic power to create an unusual but virtuostic combination. She was born in France, and started playing the piano at the age of three. She entered CNR de Caen with Frederic Aguessy, and studies at the Conservatoire Superieur de Paris. She studied jazz and improvised music with Samy Abenaim of the Bill Evans Piano Academy in Paris, and later free improvisation with Keith Tippett. She continued her education at the Royal Academy of Music in London, studied composition, and took Masters in Composition at Kings College in London.

She can also perform jazz and chamber music. Anne has been performing all over Europe and other countries like Portugal, Norway, Italy, England, and France, as well as in Brazil. She also has two albums named  Beyond (and Below) Limited Signed Copy In support of African Revival Charity, and Fauré, Poulenc & Franck Sonatas with Giovanni Guzzo.

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