How to Play Ice Breaker Bingo, Part 2

We continue with the few simple steps you need to make to arrange a popular ice breaking activity called People or Ice Breaker Bingo. With just a few pieces of paper and some imagination, you can break the ice at any party, meeting, classroom or conference.

bingo ice breaker

  1. Start Playing

This game is designed to accommodate 30 players. If you have more guests or participants, you can divide them into smaller groups. Ice Breaker Bingo can be played absolutely anywhere. Be it a conference room or a picnic. This is one of its biggest advantages. With the least effort, you get impressive results.

Each participant gets his or he own bingo card and a pen. Each group/team has half an hour to talk to each other and find out which member matches which card. Then each participant puts the person’s name on the appropriate box on the card or the person can sign the card with his/her trait on it.

The first person who correctly fills out five boxes vertically or horizontally says “bingo!”. The winners should get a prize.

  1. Follow Up

While the process of playing bingo is a lot of fun. Following up can be just as exciting. Ask your guests to introduce themselves and talk about interesting things they learned about other participants. This compulsory move can help people refresh their memories and get to know each other better.

You’ll be surprised to see how fast the ice breaks when a group of people gets competitive and then shares the experience with each other.

If your time is limited, you can create smaller cards to make the game faster. However, fast bingo games don’t produce such effective results as the standard 30-minute activity.

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