6 Birthday Party Traditions From All Over The World, Part 1

If your birthday is coming and it seems like thinking up a unique party idea is impossible, try to turn to other people’s experiences. Learning about birthday party traditions in other countries can help you create an intriguing way to celebrate your next b-day. Don’t be afraid of becoming a copycat. You can always add your own twist into any of these traditions.

smash a cake

  1. American Cake Smashing

This tradition goes a long way back and is wonderfully portrayed by Charlie Chaplin in his silent movies. Throwing the cake or smashing it is a lot of fun. Obviously, it involves baking additional cakes so all the guests can try this wonderful tradition. Cake smashing is a great stress reliever too!

Personal twist: Consider baking small cupcakes to make smashing and throwing a little less messy.

  1. British Bumping

Irish and British birthday girls and boys enjoy a bumping birthday tradition. The person is picked up by hands and feet and bumped up into the air. Obviously, the heavier he or she is, the harder this tradition is to follow. However, it doesn’t stop the brave Brits. They invite enough friends to go through with the bumping even if they are way past the school age.

Personal Twist: Consider placing the person on a sheet or a cape to make bumping even more hilarious.

  1. Caribbean Flour Power

If you are celebrating your birthday in Jamaica, be ready to have flour thrown at you by your friends, family, and passerby. Before enjoying the flour shower, you have to get yourself soaking wet in order to make sure the flour sticks.

Personal Twist: Consider exchanging the flour for something less sticky, such as oat flakes.

To be continued…

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