Solo pianist and singer

He began singing at age of 12, when the Primary school’s music teacher heard him sing while he was practicing piano in the school hall. Elton entered the Yamaha Young Talent Contest in [...]

Live pianist and singer Elton

Elton was born in 27 August 1984 Cape Town, South Africa. He started playing the guitar and keyboard by heart in church at the age of 10 years old with his eldest brother, who was the lead [...]

Prague Party Covers Band

The party cover band based in Prague is a 6 or 7-piece band that will give your even a new musical experience! They are a group of young, energetic and professional musicians; Uliana Elina [...]


This UV Light show is performed by an entertainment group that offers a unique kind of performances. They have been giving the best shows since 1989, and was founded by  Alexander Čihař and Eva [...]

Harpist Katarina

Katarína offers incredible performances on harps. Katarina was born is Slovakia, and raised by a famiy that had a deep music tradition. Her devotion to music was inherited from her father, just [...]