6 Birthday Party Traditions From All Over The World, Part 2

Celebrating your birthday as people do it in other countries is fun and exciting. Even if some of these traditions might seem strange, in reality, they just make the celebration spicier.

ears pulling

  1. Chinese Noodle Eating

Chinese love all types of noodles and so do many other people on the planet. If you are a noodle lover, you can appreciate this wonderful birthday tradition. Chinese cook long life noodles that promote a long and exciting life. The longer the noodle you can fit into your mouth without biting, the longer life you’ll have. If you can’t find a long noodle for sale, you can make one!

Personal twist: If you don’t like noodles, you can do the same with virtually any other food. For example, the more strawberries you can fit into your mouth without chewing and swallowing, the longer your life will be.

  1. Canadian Buttered Noses

Just like Americans with their smashing cakes, Canadians enjoy playing around with food. The guests ambush the b-day girl or boy and smear butter on their noses. Since the birthday boy knows about the tradition, he tries his best to avoid it. The “catch the birthday boy” game can be a lot of fun.

Personal twist: Instead of smearing butter, you can have the guests use a crayon to draw something on your nose or forehead.

  1. Russian Ear Pulling

In Russia, the friends and relatives must pull the birthday boy or girl’s ears up and down during a birthday party. The number of pulls is equal to the celebrated age. Imagine how much fun it can be to celebrate your 60th birthday!

Personal twist: You don’t have to pull the ears. Nose, fingers, and hair can do just as well.


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