How to Play Ice Breaker Bingo, Part 1

When you are planning a party or a meeting that will be attended by people, who don’t know each other, you need some ice breaking tactics. Whenever there are 2 or 3 people, getting to know each other is easy. However, if more than 10 guests are invited, you might face a few awkward moments. In order to avoid such trouble, you can take advantage of the ice breaking games, one of which is Ice Breaker Bingo.

icebreakers bingo

  1. Come Up With Bingo Questions

Questions are the most important part of the Bingo game. If you know your guests well, you can write a list of 25 traits, such as “loves Beatles”, “plays the guitar”, “speaks 3 languages”, “has 5 children”, “black belt in karate”, “has a wild tattoo”, and so on.

There are always guests whom you don’t know that well, so you can make the list somewhat more general, such as “loves tea, not coffee”, “favorite color is blue”, “drives a truck”, “loves traveling”, “lived in France for a year”, “studied in Germany”, and so forth. Depending on how long you want the game to take, you can play around with the difficulty of these traits.

  1. Create Bingo Cards

Making bingo cards is as easy as pie, as long as you have regular printer paper. You can either print the questions on the cards or write them by hand. If you have many guests, writing may take a long time so we would recommend sticking to the printer. One piece of printer paper can become a bingo card that contains 25 traits. Many online programs can help you generate the cards. Most of them are free.

These programs can also offer you a hand in generating bingo questions when you run out of ideas.

To be continued…

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