Buddy Holly tribute, artist and actor, developed his love for music in his high school days. When he grew up, he formed a band and started performing all vintage Rock’n’Roll songs that he has been listening to. His Tribute to Buddy Holly was born when his audiences noticed the resemblance of Marc to Buddy, and he has since spent his working life bringing Buddy Holly’s music and character to the people of Britain, Europe and the Middle East. Today, he has tailor made Holly suits, horned rimmed glasses and the Stratocaster guitar.

He has performed in Olympia Theatre in Dublin, Glastonbury Festival, The London Palladium, and more. He has also made appearances on numerous tv shows and movies like The Chief, The Fifth Element, Mrs Brown, Jerry Kelly show New Year’s Eve Special, Brit Award, The Buddy Holly Story and more! You can book Marc Robinson in solo, with the band, or a rave on (which is suitable for theaters).

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