Giselle is a solo electric violinist based in Turkey who started her music career at the age of 10 with her father, Istemihan Taviloglu, who is one of the most recognized composers in Turkey. She went to Hacettepe Conservatory where she studied violin. She then performed all over USA with her violin, and Ms. Sue Bear as a coach. Giselle has been performing all over Turkey in prestigious venues, and has expanded her musical styles; assical orchestra, Modern classical, Commercial, and Electro Solo. She also performs in clubs, where she works with artists such as HALUK LEVENT, and ENBE ORCHESTRA. She has also recorded soundtracks for movies/tv programs like DISKO KRALI, MATRAX SHOW LIVE, HAKAN BEY LIVE and MESUT YAR ‘BURADA LAF ÇOK’ LIVE. Giselle also opened the stage with World Star Anastacia in Anastacia’s Show.

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