The stilt walkers offer out of this world oversized figures with their enchanting and surreal costumes. The group started in September 2011 as a successor of Traumtänzer stilts theatre. They offer Showacts and Walkacts that will surely mesmerize everyone regardless of age. This stilts theater is a combination of dreamy choreography and comedy impromptu. And they take pride in their motto that is “We do not play for the people, but with them.”. Their showact’s performance is called “Lichtrausch. Das emotionale Highlight” which makes viewers be immersed in a dream world — a blend of soulful music, graceful movements and changing colored light. This danced love story of two white facing mythical creatures on stilts touches the viewer deep in your soul. Their walkacts include The Mantuas, The While Fleet, The Schlaxe, The Sambras, Christmas Giant, and more!

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