This talented pantomime based in Berlin is one of the most known mimes in Germany. He walkacts in various figures and characters on show programs to contract work on set subjects.

He got his education in modern and classic pantomime in Berlin, but his incredible range of expression and talent expanded continuously, making him a renowned comedy artist, actor, and presenter. He has attended trade fairs, conferences, wedding, corporate events in various roles like a comic waiter, comedy photographer, or oblique caretaker. As he is a member of several comedy groups, he is available to guest around the world in all kinds of roles and appearances.

He is always booked as a pantomime artist, Living Doll or actor for film and television roles, working in Germany and internationally, has been in more than 2000 appearances at various events, including in Japan, China, Spain, South Korea and Morocco in the past 20 years.

As mime or comedy walkact, or in several roles over the whole evening; He will be the perfect entertainer for your event! Book him now!

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