Flying Elves is a creative group that provides artistic performances through air acrobatics, ground, and artistic circus. The group consists of five talented people named Natalia Dylczyk(Artistic Director), Manager Derlicki(Manager), Tomasz Lewandowski(Production Manager), Wioletta Wypijewska(Make-up Artist), and Wysokosciowka(Partner). They team has a total of 20 years of experience in artistic performances, and they work with the best athletes, acrobats and artists to give you the ultimate shows. They have also created new was to perform acrobatics in air like in chandeliers, or in cubes. Their unique and themed acrobatic shows combine emotions with a high level of professionalism. Their portfolio includes shows inspired by the famous film production, music, theater, as well as presentations of topics affecting important for modern business people, such as the balance of mind and body, motivation, teamwork.

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