Four beautiful female electric string musicians will make a fantastic show specially for you! Are you a fan of breathtaking performances involving different types of classical and modern string music? Then, ELECTRIC STRING QUARTET is a perfect choice for you!

String Quartet musicians perform with stunning costumes and choreographed routines which make the overall show even more glorious!

Professional Electric String Quartet can play music upon your request. The range of music styles includes classical music, jazz, movie theme songs, pop covers and many others. Just  let the musicians know which kind of music you prefer and they will inspire you with every single detail prepared specially for your occasion!

Electric String Quartet has been performing at various events such as Birthday parties, weddings, corporate events all over the world. Among the clients of a fabulous String act are such famous luxury brands as Playboy,  LOREAL and many others.

Electric String Quartet is a great choice for you if you want to surprise your guests with astonishing performance and fantastic live music! Electric String female musicians are ready for booking worldwide.


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