The classical string quartet is a premier string quartet in Dallas. The group consists of 9 talented performers namely Edina Pastyik(leader, violinist), Lisa Rawlings(cellist),  Andrea Russo(violinist, pianist), Gail Bowers(violinist), Violetta Trapcheva(violinist), Mia Culjak(cellist), Bethany Wildes(violinist), Belinda Viesca(cellist), and Veronica Vassileva(violinist,violinist). They have been performing together since 2004, and has been proving that they stay true to their words; they will give you a European timeless and elegance in every facet of their performance. They perform beautiful classical to non-traditional, contemporary tunes. And they can be hired in different formats such as string duo, string trio, and string quartet. They are perfect for weddings, receptions, corporate events, and private gatherings.

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