She is a fully trained professional dancer who has been dancing since the age of four. She trained in Hastings, southeast England, learning skills in tap, ballet, modern and jazz. She has been working professionally for seven years in a variety of shows around the world.

She received her first contract in Mexico when she was 18 and it was then she realised she wanted nothing more than a life on stage. Being surrounded by inspirational talent is something she thrives on. She continues to challenge herself by learning new skills.

Her career really blossomed during her time in Paris. Following two contracts at La Nouvelle eve she was given the opportunity to dance in the world famous Moulin Rouge as a replacement. Scouted by the longest running Moulin rouge Principal Marissa Burgess… She flew to Germany to perform in three different seasons at Palazzo. She claims this was the most inspiring place she’s Performed.

It was in Palazzo she met her Aerial Perch Partner who trained her alone until they were ready to work the following Season. She has fallen in love with Aerial work and is continuously trying to further her skills and knowledge.

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