Children’s Entertainment by Age Category: What to Look For

When it comes to hiring entertainers for children, many parents and companies are at a loss. What you need to remember in order not to get yourself in a real bind is that not all kids are created equal. A 24-month toddler won’t be amused with a show created to intrigue a 12-year-old and vice versa. But you already knew that. The question is what type of entertainment is suitable for each age group. Let’s find out.


Under 36 Months

Kids younger than 36 months have a very short attention span so you need to hire entertainers whose program includes short sketches. Too many loud characters should be avoided since children might get scared. Small kids love to dance. So any musical and/or dancing program is a good choice.

3 – 5 Year Olds

These kids will love magic shows. Anything that includes simple magic tricks will have them sitting with their mouths open. Try to avoid any complicated scenarios that will be hard for these kids to follow. They’ll appreciate bright clothes, funny voices, large balloons, and music.

6 – 8 Year Olds

These kids can appreciate more complicated entertainment such as sand art or simple scientific experiments. They’ll like entertainment that’s arranged in an interactive manner. They are ready to ask questions and learn something new. These kids are good listeners but will get tired or bored with too long of a program.

9 – 12 Year Olds

Disco bands and robot shows have a chance to interest the kids who are getting close to becoming teenagers. They love being treated like adults so try to forget about clowns or simple magic. A complicated magic show can catch their attention so can a martial arts or a laser show.

13  – 18 Year Olds

These kids are hardest and easiest to work with at the same time. They are ready to comprehend complicated issues but they are at an age when they “hate everything”. The entertainment program for such kids must be bright and diverse. It shouldn’t focus on just one thing since it’s possible to “lose” the audience.

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