Violinist Victorie is a duo consisting of Victoria Yeh who plays the electric violin passionately, and Trevor Maybee who plays the drums. Victoria and Trevor are husband and wife, that’s why they have a special connection in making their music sound so good. They perform original compositions, and also compositions from artists such as Jean-Luc Ponty, Yanni, TOTO and more. Their unique sound has captivated the heart and soul of a lot of listeners. The electric-violin and drums makes a great attention catcher. Blending the sound of a violin with modern sound effect creates an extraordinarily appealing sound. This act has already performed in venues like  Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa at venues such as the Winspear Centre for the Arts, Massey Hall, The Toronto Centre for the Arts, the Glenn Gould Theatre, the Opera House, Theatre Aurora, Richmond Hill Centre for the Arts and more. They are only not passionate about music, but they also passionate about helping people; they offer youth outreach programs to introduce young musicians to the art of improvisation and alternative styles of music.

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