An opera singer and an actress who performs creative gamut from opera, operetta and oratorio, to musicals, jazz, gospel, contemporary and crossover music. She incorporates her acting skill in her shows by performing her whole heart whether the mood and music calls for romance, comedy or drama. Performing is her passion that’s why she never fails to impress everyone that sees her shows. She was born in Denmark, but grew up in Scandinavia, US, and Canada. She was a soloist in symphony orchestras, and has performed in TV shows, radio and recordings.

Her repertoire includes Nella Fantasia (Music by Ennio Moriccone, Lyrics by Chiara Ferra), Time to say goodbye (Music by Francesco Sartori, Lyrics by Lucio Quarantotto),En Aranjuez con tu amor (Music/Lyrics by Joaquín Rodrigo  — Concierto de Aranjuez), and more! She truly enjoys singing with symphony orchestras, big bands, trios or piano accompaniment, as well as with beautiful backing music at a multitude of indoor and outdoor venues.

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