The Exclusive Electric Strings is 4-piece violinist group that offers a sensational violin performance for any event. The Exclusive Electric Strings consists of four talented violinists including; Maryna Lepiasevich from Russia who loves being a musician, and enjoys many different styles of music such as jazz, latin, r&b and classical. Larissa Lismont from Belgium, she received her diploma for the violin in Royal Conservatory of Music of Liège. Tamara Savich is from Serbia, she plays cello. Tamara Savich studied cello at the Cleveland Institut of Music,Harid Conservatory (USA). She won   several international competitions including  Laureat of Sarasota Music Competition(USA) and 1st prize at the KOCIAN cello competition in Czech Republic, She performed as a soloist with many orchestras, such as Vienna Women Chamber Orchestra, Belgrade Philharmonic, West Coast Simphony Orchestra(USA). Melissa Schaak is from Canada, she plays the 1st violin. She completed her musical studies in Canada (WLU) with the Penderecki String Quartet as well as at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, receiving Honours Bachelors of Music in violin performance and a diploma in chamber music.

The Exclusive Electric String have been touring locally in UK and worldwide including Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Dubai and more! They bring glam, and excellence in their every performance.

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