Party Planning: Reusable vs Disposable Plates, Part 1

Be it summer barbecues, holiday party, outdoor events, picnics or meetings by the pool, people always face a choice of using reusable or disposable plates, cups, and cutlery. The obvious reason why such plates are preferable to most hosts is the minimized cleaning. All you have to do is throw the cup in the trash. You don’t have to spend time on collecting the dirty dishes, pre-washing them, and stacking them into the dishwasher.

reusable plates

Meanwhile, dishwasher consumes water and electricity. However, reusable plates have their own benefits, one of the major one being an aesthetical pleasure. Before you go for a foam plate, think about the fact that it takes over a million years to decompose. Paper is much better but it still takes 20 years to be absorbed by the environment.

When you choose a foam plate, you might save a little water when using the dishwasher. Meanwhile, it takes about 12 gallons of water to produce just one average pack of paper plates. It takes twice as little to produce foam plates, but the numbers are still overwhelming.

Manufacturers use petroleum to cover the paper plates making them environmentally unsafe. Plastic plates are a completely different story. Even if the environmental danger doesn’t interest you, the cost of it should. The waste reduction and environmental factors are often overlooked when it comes to convenience. Let’s consider other things that might make you choose reusable plates over disposable ones.

  1. The Appearance

No matter how colorful the disposable plates are, they can never look as appealing as your reusable dishes. Meanwhile, the feeling you get when eating from glass or porcelain plates is completely different. Reusable dishes give the party a more sophisticated feel.

To be continued…

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