7 General Party Tips You Never Thought About, Part 2

Making your party preparations fun can be as easy as reading a few smart tips. Whether you are planning your first event or can share a few party dos and don’ts of your own, it’s impossible to know all the tricks. Today we are sharing some things, which might look obvious to some but be hard to grasp by others. In any case, they can make your party planning easier.


  1. Know Your Temperatures

The food’s danger temperatures are between 40 and 140 degrees. I.e. if the food needs to be refrigerated, it should be kept below 40°. Meanwhile, hot food should be kept above 140°.  Thankfully, you have 4 hours to break the temperature regime. So make sure to watch your clock. After 4 hours, your food is in the danger zone for bacteria to start the invasion.

  1. Outdoor Parties Are Not Always Safe

When planning an outdoor party during the cold months, don’t keep people outside long when it’s under 50°. Unless you are holding a sports event and planning plenty of moving around, such temperatures are dangerous. Meanwhile, alcohol often makes you feel as if it’s warmer than it really is. So if you don’t want your guests to get the sniffles or something worse, go indoors.

  1. Know The Acceptance Rate

When you are planning the number of guests for your party, you must realize that some of them won’t accept the invitations due to various reasons. On the average, only about 2/3 of the guests agree to come.

  1. Stock Up on Tea and Coffee

When you offer tea or coffee at your party, at least 80 % of the guests will say “yes”. So it’s up to you to plan for enough brew.

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