7 General Party Tips You Never Thought About, Part 1

Even if you’ve planned dozens of parties, you might have missed out on some tips to make your life easier. Each time you are thinking of throwing a bash, be it a birthday party or an outdoor event, you spend plenty of time planning, thinking, counting, and going out of your mind.

Knowing all the smart party tips is impossible so most hosts are bound to make some mistakes. In order to reduce the hassle and eliminate a few errors, we are offering you simple yet very effective party tips.


  1. Count the Napkins

When you are planning a dinner party, running out of necessary stuff is annoying. Meanwhile, spending too much money on something you don’t need is downright upsetting. Each guest should have maximum 15 napkins available. More is fine but completely unnecessary. So do the napkin count!

  1. Don’t Splurge on Party Favors

If you are trying to stick to a tight budget, party favors can become a burden. Meanwhile, there are no strict rules about the favors. Most of the time they don’t have to cost you anything. Yes, you heard it right. Spend zero, zilch, and nada on the party favors.

Instead, go through the stuff you already have at home. You’ll definitely find something suitable like candles, seashells or even recipes of the party meals. It’s up to you to spend a little time making them personal by putting a date of the party or the name of the host/guest on them.

  1. Don’t Count on the RSVPs

Even if your guests seem to be the most responsible people in the world, about 2/3 of them will forget to RSVP. Take it as a given. Several days before the party start calling all the invitees to find out whether they won’t come or just forgot to RSVP.

To be continued….

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