3 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Weekday Party

When you are thinking about planning a party, you usually choose a weekend or a holiday. The main and the only reason for such an approach is that you and your guests don’t have to go to work/school the next morning. However, there are so many benefits to planning a party on a weekday that they can easily overpower the arguments against it.


  1. Low Entertainment Rates

Celebrities and entertainers for hire don’t get booked as often on the weekdays as they do on the weekends. That’s why many artists are ready to lower their rates in order to get at least some kind of job during the work week. You can offer even lower rates than the artists request and have them agree.

  1. A Bigger Entertainment Choice

When planning a weekend party, you can face a problem of finding the artist for your needs. Many entertainers are booked in advance for the weekend and you are left with picking up whatever is left. Such is not the case with the weekday parties. The choice is always big and you don’t need to worry about planning too far in advance.

  1. More Available Venues

When you are looking for an available venue on a weekend, you risk not finding anything suitable. The most popular and budget venues are booked since many people plan their events for Friday and Saturday. Don’t become one of them and enjoy a wide choice of venues at their best prices. Many of them offer discounts for weekday booking.

A weekday party is not just easier to plan, it will cost you significantly less money. At the same time, you are more likely to have all your friends/family come since they won’t have anything planned. The next time you are thinking about a party, consider a weekday.


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