The vertical video performance is an Italian group that offers the most unique entertainment that you can brag to your audiences/guests. They perform physical theatre in a form of acrobats, danse escalade, contemporary circus, and freeclimbing. And guess what? They do those shows in vertical spaces like towers, bell towers, palaces forests, cliffs, monumental buildings, bridges, canyons, and other vertical structures! They have been doing this show since 2006, that’s why they have mastered the art of it already. They have been featured in literary and film festivals, village festivals, New Year, and street theatres aworldwide including Italy, Europe and South Korea. They perform with circus artists, performers, musicians, set designers, video artists, light designers, free climbers. Their acts include WANTED which is an action show that usually takes place on palaces, or bell towers. There is also the Vertical Insights which is a theatre play that takes place on streets and squares; they perform acrobatic-theatricals that makes everyone breathless.

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