The Human Robot Show offers mesmerizing performances in visual arts and dance. Luxy Boyz consists of talented performers named TY CHEN, JAVON WANG, AK HUANG, ELMO TAI, LABA LIN,  APO CHEN,  POP YU, AWEI CHEN, BAMBI LU, and JASON LEE. They started in the year 2007, and they are based in Taiwan. They take hip hop dance to the next level with through the use of mesmerizing light effects, and extraordinary costumes that are truly unique to everybody. They are not afraid in trying new things, and pushing things to the limit. They launched the world’s first LED show called “Blacklux” last 2009, and they gained recognition from that; extending their exposure to White Iron Man D-VA” – Asia’s one and only giant human-robot show – which invited much attention from the media.  They also joined the China’s Got Talent” where they gained more exposure and experience; working with many first-tier suppliers and co-stars.

They has various acts that they can perform like the BlackLux, BlackLux 2, Mr. Laser, D-VA, Thin White Duke, Thunder Brothers, Future Warriors, Toy Soldiers, and Supernova. All of which are unique and innovative performances that will leave your audiences in awe.

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