Are you looking for a stunning show which will surprise all the guests with its unexpected appearance? Or maybe you are trying to find an awe-inspiring staggering present for your family members or friends? Then, The Singing Waiters is the best choice for you!

Singing Waiters is the best surprising entertainment act you can ever find! Professional singers under a disguise of waiters dressed in the same uniform make a shocking effect on people around when they unexpectedly start their performance. As the result – overwhelming surprise of the guests when the ‘waiters’ instead of serving break into singing and entertaining.

To excite an audience Singing Waiters offer music in a great variety of different styles from classics compositions to modern covers. Songs selection features dozens of different music directions!

Another advantage of booking Singing Waiters is the live performance! Only live music, real voices with no dated backing tracks.

Singing Waiters promise to deliver a surprise in a right time and place to pass unnoticed! Singing Waiters is a great entertaining act for such occasions as Birthday Party, Wedding or any other private events. Create a wondrous surprise together with Singing Waiters !

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