This pop baroque electric string quartet is formed by Brett, Michaela, Hillary, Anna, and accompanied by a skilled DJ. They give a new twist to classical pieces by blending them with pop hits creating a unique high energy mash-up that will surely make you ask for more. To top of their amazing performances, they can also add elements such as dancers, singers, and visual effects!

Their repertoire includes songs from artists like Bach, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Vivaldi, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, etc.  Their setlist includes some of their original arrangement like Smooth Criminal Mozart, Palladio, Passacalle, Sing/Happy/Trumpets, Stay With Me/I’m Not the Only One, 300 Violin, and Orchestra/Black Widow/Fancy/Bittersweet just to name a few.

Book the pop baroque string quartet now for a refreshing and unique performance that will make your guests stay until the end of the night.

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