Opera singing waiters disguised as real staff will be the best surprise at your event!  Shocking effect is guaranteed! Opera singing waiters is the best idea for your occasion if you want a terrific and stunning entertaining act!

Singing waiters will be at the event from the very beginning, will be meeting the guests and making them believe they are real staff. The moment they reveal their true face and burst into opera singing will be remembered for many years to come!

Opera Singing Waiters have a 15 years experience of entertaining the public and making wonderful surprises at different occasions such as Birthday celebrations, weddings, corporate events, private parties. All singing waiters are professional opera singers who have been working in leading Opera houses.

Opera singing waiters сan play as trios or duos with a mixture of Tenors and Sopranos. Repertoire of singing waiters consists of opera, musical theatre, swing & jazz. You can choose the program which appeals to your taste and opera singers will create fantastic show specially for you and your guests!

Book opera singing waiters and make the highlight of  your event to make it the most unforgettable experience ever!


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