The Martial arts teams is a group of exceptional martial artists who are willing to push boundaries to create a positive representation of Martial Arts. This team is based on Australia and consists of 8 members named: Hakan Manav, Blade Hills, Gericho Hills, Tahira Ada, Dehle Dinc, Nancy Ada, Lincoln Parr, and Cooper Parr. They have won multiple awards for Martial Arts  from tournaments such as ISKA World Cups, AMA Interclub Tournament, NASKA World , Flow Trick Battles, Sydney Taekwondo Tournament, and more! They have reached the finals on Australia’s Got Talent, and they have been featured on TV shows such as Morning show with Kerri-Anne (Channel 9), Saturday Disney, Weekend Sunrise, and Hakan has also performed on TheX-Factor. They were also invited to perform at the 2015 Annual EB Games Expo.

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