The LED Diabolo Act offers a unique and extraordinary entertainment for any events and shows. He presents his various new ideas that are usually inspired by gravity, and can be the next talk of the town when you witness it. The act is a modern and energetic light juggling. Cello In Motion is a crossover between music and artistry; Martin plays a cello while balancing a ball in various ways. Human Laser is an exceptional laser production; they make it seem like Martin is interacting with the lasers.  QR Live is a dynamic presentation that networks virtual world with the real world using QR codes. Photo Plus offers you the chance a unique picture of their event to get: On an up to 7m high balance tripod is a camera with an extreme wide-angle lens. Magic Skydive blends in magic and skydiving together forming a spectacular trick.

Book LED Diabolo Act now and have an event filled with wonder and amusement!

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