A 6-piece function and party band that specializes in quality music entertainment where they perform their own interpretation of original music produced by various artists like Michael Jackson, Lady GaGa, Stevie Wonder, Kings Of Leon, and many more! They are based in South-East England, but they are available to perform worldwide.

They have an extensive repertoire that they update regularly to assure you the best, modern, and fresh music for your event! You can also request your favourite songs for them to perform at your event. The band consists of Rosie Osborne(Lead Vocals), Josh Burns(Guitar and Backing Vocals), Bethany Mills(Guitar and Backing Vocals), Luke Phillips(Bass and Backing Vocals), Richard Luck(Keyboards), and Phil Jack(Drums and Backing Vocals); together, they create the music that will keep your dance floor alive, and a memorable event.

Book them now for your Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Functions, Club Nights, Christmas Parties, NYE Parties, Intimate Events, Anniversaries, Festivals, and Universities.

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