A professional fire dancer and light artist offers a high quality entertainment for any event with his skills. He has been performing for more than two decades, that’s why he can guarantee you perfect presentations in any situation; also securing maximum safety. He joined the stage with Apollo Variete in Duseldork for a three month show featuring his light juggling and fire shows. He provides various shows/acts:
1) “The Fire Dancer”  is a fire show in duo with Lemmi’s partner “eSteffania” in the synchronous fire dancing and fire artistry in the foreground.

2)”Lemmi meets rhythm” is an uncompromising thrilling fire show in all the senses in a duo with drummer Christian insane Pelters.

3)The “Fire Hero” consists of three fire artists, a drummer many flamethrowers and heavy fire effects. This fire show is an absolute elemental force.

4) “Lichtfaktor live” is a multimedia light art stage performance in a class. There are almost always special for top international events which produces our Cologne light artist collective.

5) “Laserjuggling” is a fusion of laser show, interactive artistic elements, LED show and brand integration that can be scaled to any size of event.

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