This Dixieland jazz band is a 4-piece band that offers authentic Swing which is danceable, straightforward and entertaining; with their vocals, trumpet, banjo, percussion – and the bass blows from the Tubax, a monstrous hybrid of saxophone and tuba, they will surely give you an elaborate jazz arrangement. Along with the good music they offer, they also provide good dose of humour on stage. They perform creative intersections/blends of contemporary bands and playwrights, while also resorting to traditional jazz varieties which remind a lot of people of the father figures of the Berlin Anarcho-cabaret scene “Insterburg & Co.”. They have already released a total of 2 albums. The first one being “Whiskydenker: Ballhausmiezen”, and the new one which is the Wir bleiben hier are available in CD, Vinyl, and download.

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