This group is a Japanese Performing Arts Company that fuses video and live performance in unique and mesmerizing way. They captivate everyone’s attention with the perfect synchronization of dance/action with the video being shown on stage. The free expression that their performances entail is their biggest attraction. The group consists of Nobuyuki Hanabusa(Creative Director/Video Artist/Sound Designer),Tyuyoshi Kaseda(Performance & Choreography), Maki Yokoyama(Performance & Choreography), Sum Tatani Saya(Performance & Choreography), Tachun(Performance & Choreography), Yusaku Mochizuki(Performance & Choreography), Ishide Kazutaka(Performance & Choreography), Takako Morimoto(Performer), Aoi Nonaka(Performer), Nanako Miura(Performer), Sara Nakanishi(Performer), and Hyuuga Akita(Performer). Their performances are mixes of moves from various ideas like  Martial Arts, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, animation dancing, juggling, House, and etc. Their acts/shows also have varieties; Hora, Metropolis,Torque Starter, Pleiades, Triangle, Iwato, Cubee, 3 Man Cell, Fuma-Kai, Primitive, and Beginning.

Book them for a world-renowned performances that will make your event unforgettable!

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